• All about Website designing information

    All about Website designing information

    What is website?

    Website is a collection of web pages, such as the your products details documents etc. a web page content all type of information like your products details / services details. your business contact information etc. all of these pages are include to build a website.

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    What is Domain?

    Domains are used to find one or more IP address. for example, the domain name of our company name is www.hellobuyer.in represent our IP address. domain names are like a URL to find particular web pages.
    For example, in the URL: www.hellobuyer.in/index.html, the domain name is www.hellobuyer.in and index.html is webpage.

    Types of domain names:

    .com - Commercial business
    .org - Organization
    .net - Network
    .int - international organizations
    .edu - education
    .gov.in - government of india
    .mil - U.S. military

    Types of Country code top-level domains: 

    .ac Ascension Island
    .ad Andorra
    .ae United Arab Emirates
    .af Afghanistan
    .ag Antigua and Barbuda
    .ai Anguilla
    .al Albania
    .am Armenia
    .an Netherlands Antilles
    .ao Angola
    .aq Antarctica
    .ar Argentina
    .as American Samoa
    .at Austria
    .au Australia
    .aw Aruba
    .ax Åland
    .az Azerbaijan
    .ba Bosnia and Herzegovina
    .bb Barbados
    .bd Bangladesh
    .be Belgium
    .bf Burkina Faso
    .bg Bulgaria
    .bh Bahrain
    .bi Burundi
    .bj Benin
    .bl Saint Barthélemy
    .bm Bermuda
    .bn Brunei
    .bo Bolivia
    .bq Bonaire
    .br Brazil
    .bs Bahamas
    .bt Bhutan
    .bv Bouvet Island
    .bw Botswana
    .by Belarus
    .bz Belize
    .ca Canada
    .cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands
    .cd Democratic Republic of the Congo
    .cf Central African Republic
    .cg Republic of the Congo
    .ch  Switzerland
    .ci Côte d'Ivoire
    .ck Cook Islands
    .cl Chile
    .cm Cameroon
    .cn People's Republic of China
    .co Colombia
    .cr Costa Rica
    .cu Cuba
    .cv Cape Verde
    .cw Curaçao
    .cx Christmas Island
    .cy Cyprus
    .cz Czech Republic
    .de Germany
    .dj Djibouti
    .dk Denmark
    .dm Dominica
    .do Dominican Republic
    .dz Algeria
    .ec Ecuador
    .ee Estonia
    .eg Egypt
    .eh Western Sahara
    .er Eritrea
    .es Spain
    .in      India more...

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    Types of website:

    These are website types you can use to develop for you its a best suggestion and our company hello buyer corporation india are expert to develop all.

    1. Blog or Personal Website
    2. Business Website
    3. ECommerce
    4. Job Board
    5. Business Directory
    6. Question & Answer Website
    7. Non Profits and Religious Websites
    8. Portfolio Websites
    9. Online Communities
    10. Coupon Website
    11. Auction Websites
    12. Multilingual Websites
    13. Knowledge base / Wiki Websites
    14. Pod casting Websites
    15. Niche Affiliate Websites
    16. Photography Websites
    17. School or College Websites
    18. Private Blogs
    19. Family Blogs
    20. B2b websites
    21. b2c website
    22. local website
    23. Politician website
    24. Fan club website.

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    Website designing process:

    Hello buyer designing process is very simple but creative.

    Step 1: Clients needs

    Before starting our project we discuss deeply with client about their need and expectation from their new website or online business link.which market they cover?, where they want to deal?, who is their buyer?, which type of website they want and many more.
    and after all conversation we move the next step.

    Step 2: Research and sketch the ideas

    This step is very hare but effective. we start with a piece of paper and stat sketching the design and this the best way to start a project. after getting sketch ready we move on next step.

    Step 3: Layout

    Layout designing is the blueprint of your website. its very useful after designing layout we move to styling the web.

    Step 4: Content

    After complete layout we create all web pages and start entering client content in to web pages.

    Step 5: Sample link

    After completing all designing we upload all details to a link and mail to client for his suggestion and approval and after approval we host the site and if get suggestion than again move to 4 step and than complete the website.

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    Where i find best website designing company in delhi?

    Hello buyer corporation india is the best website designing company in delhi. they provide complete web solution at one time payment. ( means: you have to payment only one time no renewal cost yearly no hidden cost ) with seo ( search engine optimization ) and hello buyer is specialist in SEO and SMO. hello buyer located in delhi and their head office in malviya nagar delhi 110017.

    Contact: +919971972070 | +919811960586 | +91981167586
    Email: info@hellobuyer.in
    Website: www.hellobuyer.in
    Price: According to project
    Review: 4.5 ( According to google )

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