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        Hello Buyer® Corporation India, A Leading Digital Marketing Company in India. Also known as best static website designing company in delhi. We have all experts for designing best Static website in india. Hello buyer also provider our premium services with Static website designing. Below is all details for Static web design if require more information direct contact on our helpline number: +9199 7197 2070

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        A Static website holds website pages with fixed content. All pages is coded in HTML language and displays the same information to every single visitor on the site. Static websites are most simple basic type of websites and so easy to create as compare to dynamic websites. Static website not require any web programming and database design/Knowledge. You can built a static website by creating few HTML pages. Then you can host the pages to web server.

        As static website pages content fixed coded, and the content of pages does not change unless it will change by manual. Static website works well for small business or small websites. But if you want lots of pages with hundreds or thousands of pages than static website is not for you. Because it’s hard to maintain. Therefore, larger website typically use dynamic pages, and you can simply updated by database records.

        Static sites that contain few pages are usually designed by ready made templates. From this you can update lots of pages at once. So we prefer static websites for those who want simple or few pages website for their business or local business.

        We are best Static website developers in all over india that's why we can deliver best services to our valuable clients. Helpline: +9199 7197 2070

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