• Favicon Designing Company in Delhi

    Favicon Designing Company in Delhi

    Why Favicon?
    Most people who use the Internet regularly are probably accustomed to seeing favicons, but chances are your average Internet user doesn’t know too much about them, other than where they’ve noticed them – if they have noticed them.

    If my clients ask about it, I always tell them the little icon isn’t there just for looks. It has a subtle – yet important – role in building the brand on their website. When a visitor sees one on their website, that can be a strong indicator that they came to the right place – which can also be reassuring in a sense.

    But if a website does use a favicon, it makes it all the more easier and quicker to look through a list of bookmarks and find then one that you’re looking for, because your eye will notice the colorful favicons before it does the text of each bookmark’s name and the blank icons surrounding it.

    Favicon Designing Company in Delhi

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