Privacy policy


A. The Company stores user information on computers that are protected by both physical and technological security devices temporarily or as an intermediary. The company registers each Site user's IP address(s) and tracks their users using 'Clickstream cookies, ' inter-alia in accordance with statutory laws and regulations, and for safety purposes. If the User objects to any of this please do not use the Site.

1. The Company shall own all information and data presented and/or hosted by the User. Without the prior consent of the User, Company shall not release any such data and information except for the disclosures of the nature set forth herein, including in Clause 13.
2. The User only has access to his own data and information stored in the Company's database (subject to previous identification confirmation) and nothing else. The User may, from moment to moment, edit or modify such data and information given that the terms and conditions are complied with and complied with this Agreement.
3. The User is cautioned not to disclose on the Site to third parties any Sensitive Personal / Confidential Information.